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Golf Channel Notes and Quotes From the Ryder Cup

Here's an interesting recap of the start of the Ryder Cup through some notes and quotes from our friends at the Golf Channel...

On Friday’s Day One at the Ryder Cup
Brandel Chamblee: “I don’t know when the United States will see another day like this.  It was extraordinary to see youth trump experience.”

On Nicolas Colsaerts’ Day One Performance at the Ryder Cup
Frank Nobilo: “Star of the future. When the bulk of the crowd was going for that final twosome for America, he stood up and stood tall.”

On Bubba Watson’s Standing Ovation on his Opening Drive in the Afternoon Session
Rich Lerner: “The Masters this is not.”

Frank Nobilo: “America had to wait a whole session before they saw their reigning Masters and U.S. Open champion.  It was almost like something was stolen from them…When Bubba went to the first tee, I have never seen this in golf.  I’ve never seen a player hit like that.  But what that did to the crowd, they had waited all day to see a Masters Champion and a U.S. Open champion stand on that first tee.  It will be hard-pressed to see a moment that is actually better than that.  That changed the whole afternoon in my book.”

Brandel Chamblee: “This was raw talent, ridiculous talent.  Insane talent with unseen emotion, unseen exuberance.  Ever.  This might be the day that the U.S. needed to sort of change and give them a new perspective.”

On Keegan Bradley’s Day One Performance at the Ryder Cup
Brandel Chamblee: “He was money today.”

Chamblee: “Now Phil, he has kicked a lot of butts in his career.  How many do you think he has patted in his career?  Not many.”

Frank Nobilo: “He’s different.  He is not trying to copy anyone else.”

Nick Faldo: “His intensity.  He turns it up and he plays better.  Very few guys can do that. You’ve got to be able to control the intensity.  He really does show it.  We always say you’ve got to ‘rev the engine the right amount.’  This guy takes it to 15,000 revs and plays great with it.”

David Feherty: “There is more meat on a butcher’s pencil than there is on Keegan Bradley, yet he has this incredible energy that is infectious.”

On the Passing of the Torch in American Golf
David Feherty: "We saw the passing of a torch, and I think the torch was a part of a giant campfire that Davis Love built in a cage somewhere last night, where he kept Bubba Watson and threw him pieces of raw meat and then unleashed him this afternoon.”

On the European Team Heading into Day Two
Nick Faldo: “I think you have to go back to your team room and be really honest.  Olazabal has got to look at the guys and say ‘Look, I really need the eight best guys tomorrow, and I might have to play my top eight guys for the whole day.’  That is what we did back in the good old days.”

On what Colin Montgomerie would say in the European team room
Colin Montgomerie: “He has got to be very brave – and I had to be brave as well – to leave out people tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the most important day of the Ryder Cup.  Tomorrow will probably decide who will win the Ryder Cup….Tomorrow, the Europeans have to do what the exactly what the Americans did to us.  Hole putts, silence the crowd and win at least 5-3 tomorrow or this is going to very difficult for the Europeans to have any chance on Sunday, knowing the strength of the American singles.”

On Westwood and Kaymer’s struggles on Friday’s Day One
Colin Montgomerie: “For Lee Westwood not to make a birdie out there today is shocking, as of course, Martin Kaymer the same.  For that pair not to make a birdie today when there was birdies flying around all over the place is astonishing.”

On the Decision to Sit Donald, Garcia and Poulter in the Afternoon on Day One
Colin Montgomerie: “We have a great captain here, no question about it.  And he has not made a mistake.  What happened today is our top performers did not perform.   And the youth were beaten well today.  The Europeans played OK.  The Americans played very well.  And all credit to them.”

Montgomerie: “There are 20 points to play for here.  We have only played eight.  There is a marathon to go here.  That is what I would tell my team, ‘there is a marathon to go.’”

On the Decision to Sit Tiger Woods for Day Two Morning Matches
Brandel Chamblee: “It was definitely the right move on so many different levels.  I have never seen Tiger Woods worse than he was this morning from technical aspect.  He was tangled up, missing shots to the left and to the right.  I don’t have any doubt that mentally, he was a mess as well.  There is also the issue with his knee.”

Frank Nobilo: “It does a lot of good things.  From a team point of view, you are telling the team, ‘we believe in all 12 guys.’ That is a great stamp in the right direction.”

Nick Faldo:  “It’s no big deal to me.  Give him a rest.  He is not great at foursomes.  He can practice or chill out or whatever, and stick him back in the afternoon.”

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